Two Winres systems, Intres and Amadeus

This example provides the customer the ability to create travel packages that include flights to and accommodation in Saariselkä in Lapland. The booking office has not deemed it profitable to acquire permission to reserve flights (IATA) themselves, but has instead chosen to work together with a travel agency which already has this permission.

  1. The customer defines the search. Intres sends an enquiry to the Amadeus system and to the Winres systems at Saariselkä and Pohjolan Matka.
  2. Amadeus displays flights, the Winres system at Saariselkä displays accommodation, while the Winres system at Pohjolan Matka shows pricing guidelines (coefficients).
  3. Intres calculates package options and shows them to the customer.
  4. The customer makes a selection, and Intres sends a preliminary reservation request to Amadeus and the Saariselkä Winres system.
  5. The customer pays through a bank or to Luottokunta. Intres receives a note of the payment.
  6. Intres sends confirmation of the flight to Amadeus, the Pohjolan Matka agent reservation to the Saariselkä Winres system, and the complete reservation to the Pohjolan Matka Winres system.
  7. The Pohjolan Matka Winres system sends confirmation, breakdown of invoices, and receipts to Intres.
  8. The Winres system at Saariselkä sends an invoice for the agent reservation to Pohjolan Matka.
  9. Intres sends all material to the customer and the travel agency’s “Intres operator”.