Multiple Winres and Intres systems

Where multiple booking offices operate in the same area, or cooperation is desirable for some other reason, their systems are connected to each other with web service technology so that regardless of the system a customer logs in to, products from all booking offices are visible, and if a reservation is made, this information is updated into all necessary back office systems.

  1. The customer enters the Intres system of booking office 3 to reserve accommodation.
  2. The customer sees the capacity for the whole area.
  3. The customer selects a villa from booking office 1.
  4. The reservation (invoice information) is saved into the Winres system of booking office 3.
  5. The Winres system in booking office 1 saves the reservation made at booking office 3 as an agent reservation (invoice + capacity).
  6. The customer pays booking office 3.
  7. Booking office 3 pays the invoice of booking office 1.
  8. Booking office 1 forwards payment to the owner.