Traffic contractor tour operator system

Traffic contractors organize trips for which they use both their own and rented bus transportation. The trips are either to nearby areas or within the country. In the summer season, bus tours to more distant European countries are possible. Tour organization is possible with the bus company or through separate subsidiary companies. Often, the contractor also performs intermediary travel agent duties.

The contractor will need the Winres basic system expanded with tour operator services. In addition to passenger, accommodation, border crossing, and other lists, bus passenger lists are especially important, as they show the bus stops where passengers will be boarding. Winres can price the trips according to the complete tour, or based on specific bus stops.

The system can also be expanded with the Management of Driving Shifts function. With the help of this function Winres knows where each bus is and who the driver is at a certain time. Direct Internet reservation for customers is also available.

Additional services in the traffic contractor tour operator system

Management of driving shifts

Buses are considered as own products in the Winres system. They are normally reserved for shifts. Information concerning driving shifts must be entered. These include ordering party, destination, route, number of passengers, etc. The bus can be reserved for own use or rented. Maintenance breaks are also reserved.

Materials printed from the system include driving shifts and the driving list. The driving shift is a document given to the driver, which includes all information regarding the assignment. The driving list is for planning purposes, which shows all buses in use at a certain time and their location.

Internet systems

The Traffic contractor tour operator system can be expanded with the Intres system, through which consumers and retailers / agents can reserve package trips on their own accord. For details, see Intres for tour operators. A retailer can also make use of the so-called “secret agent” concept (affiliate office), and link the reservation system to their own webpage.