Tour operator system

Here, tour operator refers to a travel agency which organizes numerous trips for general sale. These are trips for which the agency is liable, and are sold individually from the agency office, or through the Internet or an agent. This type of tour operator will need services that are available in the basic system. If the agency also acts as an intermediary, additional services may come in handy.

Below are the services available if the Winres tour operator system is expanded.

Diverse package travel productization

Systems include products, departures, capacity, and prices of package trips. A package deal can be a beach or city holiday by plane, a cruise, a local hotel or spa getaway, a theater outing by bus, etc. The trip might start from an airport or passenger port, or it might include bus transportation from the passengers’ area of residence. A package trip must have set departure and arrival times, fixed prices, and capacity which is monitored. Otherwise there are no restrictions regarding the content of package trips.

Package trip products may include accommodation, transportation by air, ship, bus, etc., outings, dinners, and other related services. Descriptions, producers, capacity, and pricing for products are set. Capacity and pricing is set individually for each departure. Male/female distinctions for products might also be made. Pricing may include discounts for groups, children, and the elderly.

Management of passenger information

Passengers are added to Winres during reservation. Required passenger information is set individually for each trip, and this information is different for trips done by plane or by ship. Visa requirements increase the amount of required information. The system ensures that required information for all passengers is collected. Special requests and comments from passengers can also be saved in the system.

Passenger lists

The Winres Package Travel system also produces necessary passenger logs: flight lists, room and cabin lists, visa lists, bus lists, and additional service lists. Lists can be customized according to different travel packages.

Reservation status, queries, and reports

The reservation status for a departure is always visible when making a reservation. Graphic diagrams reveal seating availability quickly. Reservations can be accessed with one mouse click. The system constantly monitors the reservation status and ensures that over-bookings are not made. Reservation status reports can be done according to travel packages, departures, or products.

Expansions to the Tour Operator System

Automatic allocation of capacity for different destinations

If trip quotas are received from the producer, and the usage of these quotas is only shown by sales, automatic allocation of capacity is necessary. This situation might occur if a quota for a certain hotel is sold in hotel packages, relaxation packages, spa packages, and on its own. Control of the situation manually is possible by moving more capacity to where it is required, but the status will never be completely up-to-date. If there are several similar products, management of the situation becomes very difficult. Automatic allocation of capacity solves this problem. The Winres system acts as a single storage place for each physical product, and it divides these products into different purposes automatically when required.

This feature also functions between different systems, permitting cooperation between tour operators. Together, operators can take on bigger quotas, and therefore offer lower prices.

Internet systems

A tour operator’s system can be expanded with the Intres system, so that consumers and retailers / agents can reserve package tours on their own accord. For details, please see Intres for tour operators. A retailer can also use the so-called “secret agent” concept (affiliate office), and link the reservation system to their own website.