Shipping company system

A shipping company handles regular ship traffic and cruises, and organizes hotel getaways etc. From the reservation viewpoint, a shipping company is a tour operator which adds special characteristics to trips with their own ships. Therefore, the Winres basic system and tour operator expansions are needed. Necessary additional functions might be:

  • Printing of arrival permits and disembarkation cards
  • Printing of other cards (cabin keys, dining cards, etc.)
  • Division of cabin numbers according to cabin type
  • Management of the vehicle deck, for ships that have one
  • Transfer of passenger information into the ship’s system

On arrival, the customer provides their reservation number and breakdown of reservations. The system prints out disembarkation cards and other necessary documents. Each purchased service corresponds to an individual card. The cabin card can also act as a key card.

Cabin numbers can be used directly when making reservations. Otherwise cabins are reserved according to cabin type. Cabin numbers are then distributed among reservations with a separate distribution program.

The vehicle deck is sold by the meter. It may be divided into various sections according to vehicle height, for example. Vehicle types (short cars, long cars, vans, trucks with more than 2 axles, campers, etc) can be entered into the system, so that the sales clerk does not need specific vehicle dimensions.

If the ship has its own system with purchase entries etc., information can be transferred electronically to this system after departure procedures.

Shipping company systems can be expanded with an Internet reservation system for the direct use of customers.

Additional services in the shipping company system

Internet systems

The shipping company system can be expanded with the Intres system, through which consumers and retailers/agents can reserve package trips on their own accord. For details, see Intres four tour operators. A retailer can also make use of the so-called “secret agent” concept (affiliate office), and link the reservation system to their own webpage.