Winres: Travel agency Enterprise Resource Planning System

These systems are designed exclusively for use in the travel industry, enabling us to take into account all special factors in the industry and integrate the right amount of services into our systems. Winres recognizes preliminary and final invoices and handles all types of tax management, from indirect sales taxes to marginal rates of tax. All tax rates are included and managed automatically. Winres independently puts reservations into correct groups: a reservation is included as a presale until the day of departure, when it becomes a sale. The system handles the whole process, from the moment the customer first makes contact to the time the transaction enters accounting. Winres is the perfect Enterprise Resource Planning System for any travel agency.

Winres saves time…

A well-designed system enables automatic operating chains inside the system. When a reservation is made, both invoices and account ledger are updated, taxes are calculated, postings are made to accounting and currencies are converted. If a reservation is changed or cancelled, the whole process automatically starts from the beginning. Transfer of reservations from external systems update with a single entry, so a reservation made in the producer’s system is transferred to your own system without you having to input anything.

… money…

In traditional solutions, where entries are made manually with separate systems that do not communicate with each other, back office procedures for reservation can easily consume half of your work time. The right travel agency system reduces this redundant work to just ten percent. It is easy to calculate how much money this saves. And savings can be also made in accounting! The accountant no longer needs bills or receipts, as sales are recorded from one A4 sheet, so you have only as many entries as your sales records show.

… keeps you up-to-date …

How much did we sell yesterday? How much must we sell today? Have all customers leaving next week paid? Who bought what, when did they buy it, and how much did they spend? These and dozens of other questions can be answered in seconds with the use of the right travel agency system. No separate statistics have to be prepared. All this information is available the moment you need it.

… reduces mistakes ….

Nothing is left uninvoiced, reservations and invoices match, services match the right reservations, and sales are directed to the right target groups, customers and clerks, and entered into the correct accounts. All this is possible thanks to complete integration within the system. Only reservations are handled in the office; everything else is automatic. The customer is the supervisor of activities. When the reservation confirmation and the invoice received by the customer are in order, so is the whole process.

and helps future growth.

A travel agency competes by providing customer service that is friendly, considerate, professional, fast, accurate, and free from error. This requires time and the proper tools. The right travel agency system provides both. It unlocks resources by eliminating unnecessary paperwork. It automatically and accurately handles and calculates all items from the very first product to the last posting in accounting. The right travel agency system can be expanded if necessary. For example, online reservations systems or text messaging services can be taken into use only when the organization and its customers are ready for them.