Incoming office system

The role of the Incoming Office is to arrange services locally for groups coming in from abroad. The office does not usually arrange the trip itself, but only takes over when travellers have arrived in the country. The customer of the Incoming Office is often a foreign travel agency. Sometimes cooperation is directly with corporate customers, but seldom with private persons.

Orders are primarily received after the offer period. The goal is often to use the same subcontractors as in the past. Confirmations and invoices are printed in English or another language. Winres can also print invoices in different currencies, but this is not recommended due to conversion rate changes.

The Incoming Offices operating process ensures that the basic Winres system is sufficient to start with. If more control is needed for the management of offers, appropriate expansions can be made.

Additional services in the incoming travel agency system

Offer system

Offers are made with the reservation program, but are saved separately. Offers are for activities during a trip and can include any services: transportation, accommodations, related services, dinners, tickets, etc. When making an offer, each service includes a purchase price and sale price. Therefore, the balance can be adjusted using coefficients or the customer price can be presented directly.

For balance calculations, services sold are divided into general expenses, personnel expenses, and additional services. In case of changes to the number of people, the system will automatically calculate the new offer amount.

Often, different versions of an offer are created. The Winres offer system saves all these versions, and any version can be extracted again for further use. Also, any offer can be copied and made into a new offer. This function is especially useful for standard programs without any changes or with a few changes.

When an order is received, the offer is made into a reservation and an invoice with one click. The system constantly knows which offers have materialized, how many are still open, and which deals were lost.

Accurate balance calculations, travel programs for customers and guides, and price and tax breakdowns are created from each offer. Offers can be transferred onto preformatted text templates which also include graphic elements, so the appearance of offers becomes more appealing.