Additions to the basic system

The basic system can be expanded with purchase ledger functions, payment platform features, expanded customer relationship management (CRM), Finvoice online invoicing, electronic invoice archiving, and additional interface languages. Below is a short description of each feature.

Purchase ledgers

The purchase ledger saves due invoices as they are received. These invoices are retrieved according to due dates. The ledger forms a set of payment information which is then sent to banks. The number of banks in use can be as many as necessary. The system manages both domestic and international payments. All the company’s purchase payments are made through the purchase ledger.

The system functions just like a normal purchase ledger. Additional features for the travel agency environment include linkage of purchase payments directly to reservations, grouping of purchases according to travel start dates (as with sales), itemizing of completed purchases and pre-purchases using accounting reports, and balance calculations according to reservation, destination, producer, and customer.

Payment platform features

The Winres system can be expanded with software that communicates with terminals (EMV / chip terminals) provided by Luottokunta. A payment is started from the Reservation program in the normal way. The sales clerk does not have to exit from their Winres workstation, the due amount is transferred automatically to the Winres EMV reader, and the payment information automatically goes from the reader to the Winres system. Work steps are eliminated, re-entry of the amount due is not needed, the process runs smoothly, and opportunities for error are reduced.

All workstations in an office can use the same payment terminal. The Winres system manages connections, and separate terminals for each workstation are not needed.

Expanded customer relationship management (CRM)

The basic system saves customer information and retrieves it according to category, area of residence, or purchases. When using the purchase history function, information searches can be done according to what the customer bought, when they bought it, and when they travelled. Retrieved information can be printed on labels. Thus, with just a few clicks you can retrieve information on all customers who purchased a beach holiday last year, print their details onto labels, and send them a promotion letter.

CRM expansion I enables group e-mail and Export possibilities. A group e-mail can be sent directly from Winres, or mails can be sent from Outlook by transferring addresses there. The group e-mail message can be written directly onto the screen, or it can be attached as a separate PDF or document. The Export functions enables transfer of retrieved customer information into Excel, for example, so it can then be forwarded to mailing companies. This expansion makes it possible to send group mails by e-mail or normal post to customer groups such as beach holiday makers.

CRM expansion II has the features mentioned above, but also includes more detailed customer profiles, viewing of customer purchase history directly from the Reservation program, and management of contacts and related documents. Now it is possible to expand customer information retrieval in such a manner that searches include, for example, all customers under 40 with children who bought a beach holiday last year. Contacts are saved automatically and can be used later. So a week later, for example, you can check how many of those customers who received promotion letters have made a new reservation.

The Winres CRM system is especially user-friendly because it is a fixed component of the sales system. Contact details, sales history etc. do not have to be moved from one system to another, and everything is available in one single system.

Finvoice online invoicing

Finvoice is the most common electronic invoicing standard in Finland. When banks offer online invoicing, they are talking about Finvoice. When this feature is implemented in Winres and the customer decides they want electronic invoices, their parameters are added to their contact information. Once this is done, every time an invoice is sent to this customer, Winres will ask if you want a Finvoice invoice or a normal once. Otherwise, reservations and invoicing function as before. Ready-made invoices are sent to customers once a day through their own banks.

Electronic invoice archiving

Electronic archiving makes manual archiving of invoice receipts a thing of the past. The Winres system archives every invoice and its attachments automatically. Invoices are saved in PDF format. When this feature is in use, only the customer copy of the invoice is printed on paper. If the customer accepts invoices as e-mail attachments or Finvoice invoices, printing on paper is not needed at all.

Archived invoices can be viewed and printed with the additional features in the Accounts Receivable program. Invoices can be searched in the same way as reservations – by reservation, customer, destination, reservation start date, etc. Active archives are on the server drive, while older material is stored on CDs. Discs include a viewing program so that invoices can be viewed even without Winres. This means your accountant does not have to come to the office to see invoices, as they can view them from their own workstation using the CD.

Additional interface languages

The Winres system can be used in multiple languages. Default languages are Finnish, Swedish, and English. Languages are workstation-specific, so different languages can be used simultaneously within the same system. The working language is chosen by specifying it to the sales clerk or choosing it from within the program. Interface languages and invoice languages are independent of each other, with the former being determined by the sale clerk, and the latter by the customer.