Customer cases

Welcome to take a closer look at how our different customers use Winres!

Travel agency and tour operator

Intermediary travel agent, three workstations

The travel agency provides flights tickets, ship tickets, package travel tours and tailor-made city breaks and packages to customers. The agency needs basic systems for three workstations, as well as transfer of reservations from external systems to their own. Once these have been installed, it would make sense to expand the system by adding purchase ledger and BSP accounting functions. As operations and marketing develop further, possible additions might be the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) function and the Intres function to enable reservation of flights, accommodation, and dynamic packages on the Internet.

General travel agency, which functions as both an intermediary agent and a tour operator

A typical scenario in a travel agency is that in addition to intermediary sales, the agency also provides its own travel options – cruises, hotel and spa getaways, etc. – with several departures per week. If this is the case, the basic system must be expanded in the tour operator sector (Own Production), through which management of reservations, pricing, and passenger information is ensured. Once this has been installed, the next step might be Intres Internet reservation for the agency’s own trips.

General travel agency, which function as both an intermediary agent and a tour operator, with three offices

In this case, in addition to the system and expansions in Example 2, we also need to account for three cost centers. This enables monitoring of each office, even in accounting matters. After the expansions mentioned in Example 2 have been implemented, electronic invoice archiving would be a requirement. Manual archiving of invoices for three offices in numerical order, even with office-specific numbering, is an overwhelming task. But this problem is eliminated with electronic invoice archiving, as copies of invoice do not have to be printed on paper.

Central booking office

Central hotel booking office, five employees

Here, necessary components include the basic system as well as Booking Office functions. With these, this company has complete control over the whole process. Booking Office features include automatic pricing for indirect provision of accommodation, management of reservations on a daily basis, automatic settlement of accounts and reporting to the owner. Once the booking office system is under control, the next logical step is to extend sales directly to the consumer using the Internet. This can be done using the Intres central booking interface.

Tourism agency

Tourism agency, five employees

The duties of a tourism agency are often the most complicated, with intermediary accommodation services, trips provided by the agency directly, citycards, organization of meetings and conferences, etc. Here too, a good starting point is the basic system mentioned in the example for intermediary travel agency. This can be expanded with the booking office features, especially if capacity management is part of the accommodation service. Provision of weekly or perhaps daily trips requires the use of package travel features. By using the Conference function, conference services can be sold by providing the customer with their “own online reservation system”.

Business travel agency

Business travel agency, four employees

In this case, the basic system as in example of intermediary travel agent is sufficient, at least until customers start making additional requests. One customer might need Finvoice for invoicing. If you want to keep this customer, the system must be expanded by adding the corresponding feature. If the customer wants statistics on who travelled where and what the expenses were, the business travel statistics feature is a necessity. If a customer demands their own direct reservation system, and they are seen as an invaluable customer, the use of the business travel Intres system is necessary. Winres can be customized to suit any situation.