Conference organizer system

A sold trip to a meeting or conference is in effect a package trip. The services provided by the event organizer often do not include transportation to the location, but instead accommodations, entrance to the event, and related services. There are often several travel options. Customers can arrive on Thursday or Friday, and depart on Saturday or Sunday.

Normal package trips are repeated every week, but conferences are often single events. If they do take place again, it is often in another location with a different organizer. The order party often wants the logo and colors of the event in the system. Internet reservation options are often requested for the orderer’s and not the organizer’s website.

Winres conference services are designed to accommodate the one-off nature of these trips, as well as other specific characteristics of conference events. The basic Winres system and tour operator services are required here. Basic information entered and the setting of the parameters will determine the nature of conference organization.

The most significant and labor-intensive factor in implementing the Conference System is the execution of the Internet reservation system, as both the orderer of the event and its participants will be using it.

Additional services in the conference organizer system

Internet systems

A conference organizer can provide their customers with the Intres reservation system as an additional service, so that conference participants can make reservations themselves. This service functions on the customers’ own websites, and is executed with the needs and layout of the specific conference in mind. For details, please see Intres for conference organizers.