Business travel agency system

A business travel agency primarily serves corporate customers, municipalities, government institutions and organizations. Reservations can be for individual products (flights, accommodations, transportation, additional services, etc.) or packages made from these products. These services might be based on a contract made with the customer that includes fixed payment and reservation conditions, invoicing methods and reporting.

The initial system for a business travel agency is the Winres basic system. It includes all necessary services for reservations, invoicing, and customer relationship management. Basic statistics creation for corporations is also included. The basic system can be expanded with the Finvoice invoicing system if necessary. If an agreement on a more extensive reporting package has been made with the customer, the Business Travel Statistical Analysis function is necessary.

Additional services in the business travel agency system

Business Travel Statistical Analysis

Business Travel Statistical Analysis monitors travel at corporate, departmental, and personnel levels. It tells you who traveled where, when and how much it cost. It also includes functions that allow comparison with previous terms and between departments, as well as prices if needed.

A total of over 20 different types of statistics exist, and suitable ones can be chosen according to the needs of the company. Some of these include purchases by passenger and department, purchase by destination, purchases by airline, reports for customer accounting, monthly reports, comparative prices for reports, etc. Statistics are generally delivered once a month, but this can also be specified by the customer.

Business Travel Statistical Analysis is tightly integrated into the Winres system. Some additional information may need to be added to reservations for reporting, but anything that is already in reservations will not be entered again.

Internet systems

The business travel agency system can be expanded with the Intres system, which the travel agency releases for the use of its customers, who can then reserve flights and accommodation, as well as create travel packages (dynamic packages).