Basic operating system

The basic system includes the travel agency’s complete customer service process. Different functions are integrated, so that the agency employee handles only reservations, while all the rest follows automatically. Below is a diagram showing the functions of the basic Winres system. The actual features of the basic system include Reservation, Cashier, Accounts Receivable, Accounting Reports, Customers, Agents, Destinations / Products, Producers, Sales Statistics, Event Reports, as well as E-mail and Reference Payments from external interfaces.

Winres: Travel agency Enterprise Resource Planning System

These systems are designed exclusively for use in the travel industry, enabling us to take into account all special factors in the industry and integrate the right amount of services into our systems. Winres recognizes preliminary and final invoices and handles all types of tax management, from indirect sales taxes to marginal rates of tax. All tax rates are included and managed automatically. Winres independently puts reservations into correct groups: a reservation is included as a presale until the day of departure, when it becomes a sale. The system handles the whole process, from the moment the customer first makes contact to the time the transaction enters accounting. Winres is the perfect Enterprise Resource Planning System for any travel agency.

Examples of system functionality

Reservation functions

Choose a customer, products sold, and pricing if necessary. Ask the system to perform invoicing. The system then takes care of the rest: taxes, commissions, capacity, pricing, and entry of information into accounting.

Invoicing and cashier functions

Invoices are generated directly from reservations. In case of changes or cancellations, old invoices are reimbursed automatically. Completed services register automatically in new invoices. Preliminary and final invoices are obtained simultaneously.

Accounts receivable

New invoices and cashier transactions are automatically and instantly available in account ledgers. Payments received by banks are entered into the system automatically using transfer information. Invoice queries can be done by reservation, customer, agent, destination, departure date, etc. Outstanding payments and payment notices can be searched by reservation, customer, or agent.

Customer relationship management

The names and contact information of all customers who make a reservation are saved into the system. When a new reservation is made, the customer’s details can be retrieved from the register. A new customer is added to the register when a reservation is made. Customer purchases also register automatically. This information is used for statistical analysis and various mailing procedures.

Sales statistics

The system compiles statistics of sales according to products, product groups, customer, customer groups, agents and sales clerks. Reports can be generated for the time period needed. Report totals are displayed in Euros or passenger numbers. Search criteria include reservation dates and departures dates. Reports for 1-4 years can be viewed simultaneously, so you can see how current sales compare to previous years.

Reports for accounting

The Winres system posts a sale automatically during reservation. Sales are entered into accounting every month. In addition to sales reports, necessary components include sales receivable reports, presale reports, as well as invoice lists and payment lists. A month’s accounting is usually completed in one hour. In addition to account reports, reports for the Consumer Agency can also be printed using the program.