The Winres system is very modular, avoiding unnecessary purchases. The system can always be tailored to the needs of the company, and can be modified when new conditions require it.

Winres modularity

The Winres total solution is comprised of a basic system and 1-n expansion modules. The basic system contains functions for reservation, invoicing, account ledgers, accounting reports, basic customer relationship management, and sales statistics. The travel agency operating process is built into the basic system. All general specialty functions are also included: Reservation changes and cancellation, tax management, preliminary and final invoices, automatic credit notes, target-specific terms of payment, commissions, entry into accounts based on the first day of travel, reporting to the Consumer Agency, etc.

Expansion modules are then chosen according to needs: A tour operator will need the Own Production function; a hotel booking office will need the Central Booking Office function; and if you want to include expenses in your Winres, you need the Purchase Ledger function, etc.