Travel agency reservation portal: flights, accommodation, and dynamic packages

The travel agency reservation portal can be connected to the Amadeus flight reservation system and Sun Hotels accommodation reservation system. Intres manages connections to external systems and to the Winres system. External systems are used for flight and hotel searches according to customer requests. Intres calculates and organizes the results and presents them to customers. The customer then chooses a trip, selecting either flights only, accommodation only, or creating a package with both flights and accommodation.

Intres manages the whole reservation process from the moment a customer first makes contact until the customer pays for the reservation. Once Intres has received confirmation of payment, it saves flight reservations into Amadeus, accommodation reservations into Sun Hotels, and the whole reservation, including payment details, into Winres.

Connected systems


Intres finds flights from the Amadeus system based on customer requests. In addition to destinations and travel dates, customers can also request direct flights, specific travel classes, and departure and return times. Intres is also able to handle bonus point cards from various companies.

If a customer reserves just flights, then only publicly released prices will be considered. If a customer creates a dynamic package, then Intres searches for both released prices and production prices, and chooses the least expensive of these.

Sun Hotels

Intres searches Sun Hotels for accommodation based on customer requests. Criteria included accommodation type, class, and location. Sun Hotels uses net prices, to which they add a commission that is requested by the travel agency.

Example of a dynamic package

  1. The customer defines the search. Intres sends an enquiry to Amadeus, Sun Hotels, and Winres.
  2. Amadeus produces results on flights, Sun Hotels on accommodation, and Winres on pricing guidelines (coefficient).
  3. Intres calculates package options and presents them to the customer: Customer price = K * Σ(purchase prices), where K is the coefficient calculated by Winres.
  4. The customer chooses an option, and Intres sends a preliminary reservation request regarding capacity to Amadeus and Sun Hotels.
  5. The customer makes a payment to a bank or to Luottokunta. Intres receives a note of this payment.
  6. Intres saves and confirms flight reservations in Amadeus and hotel reservations in SunHotels, and sends the whole reservation into the Winres system.
  7. Winres saves the reservation, invoice and payment details, and then sends a confirmation, invoice and receipts to Intres.
  8. Intres sends all the material to the customer and to the travel agency’s Intres operator.