Customer cases

Welcome to take a closer look at how our different customers use Intres!

Tour operator

A tour operator organizes cruises and spa and hotel getaways to nearby regions. Passengers are transported by bus to ports where they board ships. Customers can reserve the entire trip through Intres, including bus transportation, ship travel, services on the ship, accommodation and additional services at the hotel or spa. The customer pays for the reservation on the Internet and receives all necessary travel documents by e-mail.


The tour operator makes charter-based trips, primarily to the Mediterranean region. Flights depart from various airports. Passengers reserve flight seats, accommodation and additional services directly on the Internet. Payment is also done through the web. Travel tickets, vouchers, and other necessary travel documents are sent automatically by e-mail. A different kind of Intres user interface is available for retailers (agents).

Regular flights

The tour operator makes guided trips to city destinations in central Europe. The package comprises flights, accommodation and outings, dinners, and other additional services. A certain share of flights seats are reserved on regular flights. The Intres system functions exactly as in previous example.

Central booking office

The central booking office has approximately 500 places of accommodation in their region to sell indirectly. These range from holiday villas, townhouses, and semi-detached houses to hotel rooms. Other products include outings, lift tickets, and other additional services. The customer reserves and pays for the whole travel package through the Intres system. Itemized reservations, confirmation and other travel documents are sent automatically by e-mail. Accommodation owners and caretakers have their own Intres systems.

Travel agency

The travel agency offers its customers the ability to reserve flights and hotels directly from their websites. Customers can also create their own travel packages, which include flights as well as accommodation. This is possible thanks to the Intres solution, which is connected to the Amadeus flight reservation system and the Sun Hotels room reservation system. Once a customer has completed a reservation and paid for it through Intres, their flight is saved into Amadeus, their reserved room is saved into Sun Hotels, while itemized reservations and payment details are saved into Winres. Travel documents are sent automatically by e-mail.