Central booking office system

The Intres central booking office system provides a real-time reservation interface for accommodation and related services. With this function customers can familiarize themselves with products, view and compare prices, check reservation status and reserve products.

The booking office decides what destinations, products, and prices are visible online. Regulations for different time periods can be set for price lists, and length of stay can be set at full weeks only, weekends, or left without any conditions.

Additional services can also be connected to accommodation products. These services include cleaning, bed linens, and firewood, as well as event-like services such as outings, safaris, event tickets, dining, etc. Accommodation and additional services may come from different providers, in which case the customer actually creates a dynamic travel package which the booking office then delivers as one whole.

Product cards can be created, including photos, layouts, text descriptions, and access directions for accommodations and other products. These descriptions can go directly into Winres or can be links from elsewhere on the Internet.

Accommodation searches can be done using various criteria: type of accommodation, size, distance from other locations, etc. Search results can be restricted further, for example by showing only currently available locations, or those suitable for families. The results can be displayed in alphabetical order or by price, distance from other locations, or number of people per room.

Products are collected into a cart, which can include one room and numerous related services. The cart shows total price and individual product prices. Products can be freely added or removed from the cart.

The Intres system includes several different payment functions. The customer can make advance or full payments through bank transfer or by credit card. If only advance payment is made, the remaining balance due will be sent automatically by e-mail.

  1. The customer defines the search. Intres sends enquiry to the Winres system.
  2. Winres sends accommodation and available additional services and descriptions for the period in question (product cards).
  3. Intres shows these options to the customer.
  4. The customer makes a selection, and Intres sends a preliminary reservation request regarding capacity to Winres.
  5. The customer pays through a bank or Luottokunta (credit account), or requests an invoice. Intres receives a note on the payment.
  6. Intres send the reservation to the Winres system.
  7. Winres saves the reservation, invoice, and payment information, and sends confirmation, invoices, and receipts to Intres.
  8. Intres sends all the material to the customer and to the travel agency’s Intres operator.
  9. Intres sends a note of the reservation to the property owner and caretaker.

Additional functions to the central booking office system

Agent Interface

A retailer clerk signs in to the Intres system with their user name and password. At this point the system already knows how commission for the travel agency is calculated, and whether it is normally invoiced or handled by direct debit. Otherwise the reservation functions just as any reservation made by a consumer. The retailer does not have to pay for the reservation directly, as an invoice is created.

If the retailer is invoiced normally, Intres automatically creates a net price invoice and sends it to the clerk who made the reservation by e-mail. If the retailer uses direct debit, Intres creates a gross price invoice for the customer. The customer then pays the booking office, who forwards sales commissions to the retailer.

Agent interface characteristics include reservation, cancellation, reservation statistics, transfer of reservations to the Winres system and agent information from the tour operator.

“Secret agent”

A booking office can allow a retailer to add a link to the reservation system on his own website. At this time the two parties also agree on the commission received by the retailer for reservation made through this link. A customer makes a reservation, which is saved as an agent reservation in the booking office Winres system. The customer pays the booking office for the reservation, either immediately or against the invoice sent automatically by e-mail. The booking office then forwards the agreed commission to the retailer.

Language version and currencies

Intres functions simultaneously in four different languages. This function is necessary if the booking office websites are in different languages. The Intres language is automatically selected based on the websites the customer used to start it.

If services are offered in regions where the currency is different from the booking office’s home currency, Intres can create a reservation breakdown by currency. Currency exchange rates are maintained in Winres for this purpose.

Owner Interface

Using their own interface, the owner of accommodation can view the reservation status, make their own reservations, and print various reservation and accounting reports. The booking office will not need to send any reservation-related information to the owner by mail if this connection is in use. The owner can always use this interface, regardless of time or day.

Caretaker Interface

The user of a caretaker interface can view the reservation status of locations under his/her care, and print necessary cleaning lists etc. The booking office will not need to send any reservation-related information to the caretaker by mail if this connection is in use. The caretaker can always use this interface, regardless of time or day.