The Intres web interface connects users directly to the Winres system of the travel agency, tour operator or central booking office. A genuine online connection means that users see the same reservation status as sales clerks working in the office. The last available places on trips are secured by those who save their reservation before others do.

Internet reservations differ from reservations made at the office only in that the handler is an “Internet operator” and not a sales operator in the office. The Winres system does not differentiate between reservations made through the Internet and Winres, and both types go through the same administration, statistical, and accounting procedures. Reservations through Intres do not have to be managed in any way on Winres, and all online reservations decrease the amount of work that must be done in the office.

The Intres web interface can be used for three different purposes

  • Reservation of a tour operator’s own production / own package trips
  • Reservation of accommodation capacity and additional services provided indirectly by central booking offices
  • Reservation of flights and hotels, as well as dynamic packages from travel agencies

An interface designed specifically for customers is available for all systems. Tour operator and central booking office Intres systems have their own interface for retailers. In addition, central booking offices can provide specific user interfaces for providers of accommodation and services (owners) and caretakers of property.