Versatile systems

Comgate’s Winres and Intres systems are suitable for a wide range of users in the travel industry.

  • Intermediary travel agencies
  • Tour operators
  • Central booking offices and regional organizations
  • Incoming travel agents and group travel agencies
  • Business travel agencies
  • Tour operators using travel contractors
  • Shipping companies
  • Conference organizers

The Winres system is an intracompany operating control, back office, and reservation system used by a company’s own employees. The Intres system is the online user interface for the Winres system. Intres is always fully integrated into the Winres system in the background, so that user information, enterprise resource planning, and customer control are not necessary in the Internet. Once information is entered into Winres, it is also available on the Internet. Intres is therefore the genuine online internet connection for Winres.

Comprehensive systems

Comgate’s systems are Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems intended for use in the travel agency sector. They manage the whole production process, from the moment the customer first makes contact to the time the transaction enters accounting. The whole process is managed using the single-input principle. All items are inputted only once. For example, once product information for a reservation is saved, it is automatically available for reservation, invoice, accounts ledger, storage management, customer information, and sales statistics, and is already posted for accounting. Complete integration also ensures compatibility with different system types. In booking office systems, items are automatically transmitted to the owner and maintenance company of the location. Passenger information saved once into a tour operator system is instantly propagated to flight passenger lists, hotel guest lists, bus passenger lists, border crossing lists, etc.

Comprehensive services

Comgate is dedicated to providing top quality services. We design and execute systems, train system users, supply equipment on request, and provide consulting and installation services. We also take care of our suppliers’ system maintenance and HelpDesks. Systems can be kept in our server facility, so that you don’t have to worry about the maintenance, availability or upkeep of your system. We can also assist in organizing financing for your system if necessary.

We strive to provide our customers with fully functional, process-integrated systems that utilize the newest methods and technology. We take responsibility for the technical functionality and usability of the system.