Comgate Co. Ltd.

Comgate Co. Ltd., established in 1987, is a services company focusing on travel-related IT solutions and software. We make reservation systems and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems for travel agencies, tour operators, central booking offices, shipping companies, and other enterprises that are regulated by legislation intended for the travel sector as well as operational processes and policies that have formed over time. Solutions designed and executed by Comgate Co. Ltd. meet the needs of both small and larger companies. At present, our team consists of eight people. Net sales for 2009 were approximately 1 million Euros. Our business partners include Amadeus, Sun Hotels, StorageIT, Luottokunta, F-Secure, Sampo Finance, and Tech Data, among others.

Comgate is the leading supplier of travel agency systems in Finland. Our systems are used in over 180 offices by over 1,000 people around the country. Our largest customers are Matka-Vekka, Matkapojat, Pohjolan Matka and Villi Pohjola/Metsähallitus. You can find our customer list here.